“Snapshots in Southeastern Africa”

July 21st (Fri.)〜30th (Sun.), 2017

Gallery Kanon
613 Okuno bldg.
1-9-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL. 080-4323-2991

Will be selling the Littlefields photo sets; “Landscapes”, “Flora & Fauna” and “Snapshots ” of Africa.
Please see the SHOP page;

The author/photographer, Sayaka will be in the gallery most of the time except for after 17:30 of July 25th, (Tue.).

Okuno building is an atmospheric old place with an elevator that you have to open and close manually, worth coming to see!

Paris: Cats, Flowers, and Space

January 5th (Mon.)〜25th (Sun.), 2015
Closed: Wednesdays
Gallery Coal Pit (Iwaki, Fukushima) 
TEL. 0246-38-3152

Around 20 unpublished black & white photos taken during my stay in Paris in 2000-2002.
Cats, flowers, and space (the sky) were my favorite subjects in daily life.
It was a time always thinking about my own identity as a foreigner in a city where art is always around.

Original prints are on sale. Please write via CONTACT.

Thank you for visiting.
Original prints are on sale. Please write via CONTACT or see SHOP page.

The Slow Flow of Time, Underwater

June 1st (Fri.)〜June 23rd (Sat.), 2012

Around 30 prints of monochrome photos taken underwater and printed by myself. The selection would be mostly from the photos taken in Okinawa, showing the landscapes and the slow flow of time, underwater. This is the 4th of her Underwater series, following “In the Underwater Wonder-land” (2000), “In the Underwater Un-real World” (2004), “The Great Flow of Time, Underwater” (2009).